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Digital Cinema
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The final stage in constructing the soundtrack, mixing can give or take the life out of it.
The mix deals primarily, with two essential parts:

  • Determining the different qualities of the various sound elements and
  • Determining the specific and overall soundtrack energy.

Mixing required a critical listing environment, the sharpest tools, and a talented and experienced mixing team. Operating out of state-of-the-art mixing facilities in midtown Manhattan, Vertigo Power provides mixing for films, documentaries, TV long formats and short films.

In 1998, Chen Harpaz, Vertigo Power's re-recording mixer, introduced the concept of "modular mixing" as an alternative to traditional mixing. Vertigo Power's modular mixing is a fully automated, digital style of mixing that utilizes various spaces for the different mixing stages while sharing an identical mixing set-up. It allows a better usage of mixing time without compromising quality.

As a pioneer of virtual mixing since 1992, Chen Harpaz is a dynamic force in the digital sound revolution. He has helped shape new technologies as a systems architect, co-developer and beta-tester for leading companies like Digidesign/Avid, Waves and SynchroArts. Chen Harpaz is considered by many to be one of the world's leading re-recording mixers of the new digital age.

Mix results can be enhanced even further by professionally monitoring the post production sound process. From the design and edit to ADR, Foley and final mixing, Vertigo Power provides a full-service, cutting-edge approach to post-production sound finishing. Using our own unique process, tools and the latest technology will save you up to 30 percent off the "traditional" audio post process and give your project greater sound results guaranteed.

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